Espoirs Laval

Hey Guys,

I know a few of you are planning to stay in Montréal this summer and also want to race with Espoirs.

Well you better get on it. Racing starts in a month and a half.

But most of all, you are missing out on some awesome ‘Espoirs Laval team only’ deals on alot of things.

If you havent yet signed up, you’ve already missed quite a bit, but i fyou plan on racing with us, then you better get your registration in along with your jersey order ASAP.

For those of you new to the McGill team this year, we do NOT race as the McGill team during the summer. We have not paid team fees to FQSC or USA Cycling, so technically, you are not allowed to race in FQSC or USA Cycling events with your McGill kit or as part of the McGill team (although, I’ve heard of exceptions being made once in a while), so bear that in mind.

Cya you tonight.


For the mountain bikers out there (are there still any?) I have never had a problem racing in my McGill kit at mountain bike races in the summer, and I have done that many times. However, I think I generally register as an independant.

And mike, how much are the team fees? and about how much does each race cost that they go to? I’m really interested in this but don’t know much about it.


Yeah Ben, you can race as a MTB’er with your McGill Kit on as long as your registered as an independent racer. I think the penalty for racing on a team that isn’t run by the FQSC is like umm a seasons suspension if I’m not mistaken. I will be racing in Orange and Black this summer for Team Gravite which will be affiliated with Team Devinci Quebec (more on the DH side) so yeah :smiley: Where did all the Mountain Bikers Go?

getting their legs and arms waxed (also new FQSC rule)

The cost of joining the FQSC as a road team was upwards of $850 last I checked.

It might be worth thinking about for next year, however, you would have to jack team fees considerably to cover the cost, which is why we didnt do it this year.

As for road races, it goes case by case it seems. Just something to think about if you show up to a road race in your McGill kit.

Ben, if you were asking about Espoirs team fees it is $150 to join the team plus $25 for a jersey and $65 for your shorts. You must have a team kit to race although apparently the jersey is the only mandatory part (but everyone else has a full kit). Each race is usually $20 if you have your FQSC/UCI license or $40 if you buy a day license (I think). Most races are within about 45min-2 hours drive although a couple are much closer.

If you are only thinking about a few races I would probably recommend racing independent because $250 is a lot to pay for that. sometimes they let you wear a McGill jersey, sometimes they dont so be prepared to turn it inside out or just wear a blank kit. It is nice to train and race with a team like Espoirs but really it is not necessary as you will know many of us in the pack anyways so we will gladly let you lead us out/sacrifice your race for us even if you aren’t on our team (hehe). But seriously it is a big price for little benefit if you are not planning to be there a lot. And from my experience most guys on the team are there for everything so it is a commitment.

For those of you interested get on it. The team has already been receiving mailings and you are running out of time to order jerseys. For more info go to the website.


how about the espoir group rides? i imagine they are pretty exclusive, in that it would be weird if I trained with you guys? I guess I am most interesting in training rides, and car rides to races. but both of those I could probably find with other group rides in the city, and as for transport to races, well I guess I have to make more friends with road bikers. (sigh)
nick: can you recommend a arm/leg waxing place?

Haha… there will be no waxing of arms or legs for me.

I <3 my mtbike lol

Yeah, the team rides are fairly exclusive because we are a pretty small team. I have yet to benefit from getting rides to races but I did used to have Gruber…gonna miss him.

However last year we had 2 training rides per week only so Peter and I were riding at least 2 more times per week apart from the team and with so many McGill people around this summer I am sure there will be plenty of group rides going.

Get a cheap cell phone and fill it full of roadies numbers for the summer. You will always be riding with people that way and will have more rides than you know what to do with

Get a cheap cell phone and fill it full of roadies numbers for the summer. You will always be riding with people that way and will have more rides than you know what to do with

dually noted, peter.

oops…sorry. Anyways, my cell is 514-318-5311 if you ever wanna go for a ride this summer I’m usually open, save for the days with espoirs team rides.

They usually do a couple group rides during the week. THe Tues is a bit more closed to outsiders, but the Thursday is often on the Mountain and Mike (before he signed up) and Dave Gruber have shown up a few times to those without problem.