Event: Max Power Night

Let’s Get Ready to RUMBLE!

Hwy MCT,

This Wednesday, April 13th at 6pm is MAX POWER night at TTS. Wanted to forward the invite here in case anyone wants a break from finals and is craving some quality entertainment.

The Competition

Each competitor will get ONE attempt to hop on the bike and hit the biggest max power they can. Forget 5 seconds, we’re talking the highest one second spike possible!

We will have 5 competitors for both men and women. The riders have been pre-selected as the top 5 male / female riders by peak power from Toguri studio sessions this year and will now have the shot to walk away with the UNDISPUTED TTS max power title. The winners will also receive a cash prize of $100, a bottle of bubbly and ALL the bragging rights.

The Spectacle

This event will follow the flow of a WWE main event. Riders will get their 15 minutes of fame to walkout to the bikes, complete with entrance music ahead of their attempt. Tickets are free to be there to cheer them on, but you need to reserve your spot ahead of time!
Get Your Ticket!

Hope to see some of you there,


I’m excited to see Scott do his best Vince McMahon

Nick, what’s your theme song going to be?