Evicted! Need a roommate? (help!)

Hey everyone,

I have recently been evicted from my place. It is a long long story but basically, I have reached a point where contending my rights as a tenant is no longer worth the mental distress it has brought on. Short of the story is that there has been disastrous flooding for the past 1.5 months (every melt) due to massive blocks of ice that had fallen from an illegally built structure that is legally supposed to have been removed. Throughout I have been required to be at the flat in case of flooding, which compromised my academics, TA responsibilities, volunteer work, and social life. My reasonable request for a reduction in rent was not met, instead, it was met with an unexpected eviction notice giving me one week to find a new place and to move out. (Don’t worry I am well aware of my rights through the Regie du Logement). Moreover, the landlords are literal alcoholics, lack sound judgment, and are very unethical and dishonorable in their practices. I can go into detail if needed! But I now feel unsafe and unwell at the apartment.

Anyhow, this leaves me with no place to stay! So, I am hopeful that somebody might have a room for me to stay for a while. Ultimately I am looking for a place to stay until the end of June, but any offer would be super helpful :slight_smile: I can pay rent and all! It would be great to live with some cyclist friendly folks as I had been living alone since September.

PM me if you might be able to help me out! or email dylan.dalgas@mail.mcgill.ca. Thanks a lot!


Sorry to hear that! If you’re desperate in the short term you could crash on my floor in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue and take the shuttle in to town in the mornings. Not the most practical option, but it’s there. We even have a mattress.

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Found a place! Thanks for all those who offered to help tho :slight_smile:

SC here we come!!