“Exploring behaviors associated with eating habits of university athletes to improve intervention”

Hi all,

The team has been approached by 2 grad students of the School of Dietetics & Human Nutrition at McGill. They are looking for participants in their research project entitled “Exploring behaviors associated with eating habits of university athletes to improve intervention.” The study will explore the behaviors associated with eating habits in student athletes with a goal to determine the various factors which influence this population’s eating habits. The information will be used to help identify how eating habits are influenced in university student athletes. Furthermore, by identifying and understanding these determinants one will be better able to help modify problematic habits/behaviors if necessary.

Enough science! They would really like all C@M members to complete their 20 min questionnaire.
They are currently organizing a series of sessions where people will be able to go, get briefed, and fill in the questionnaire (not possible to do this at home and send it to them).

We (as a team) would really like all of you to take some of your time to help our colleagues in their project. It’s good for science, them, you as an individual (they will inform everyone of the results during the summer) and also for the club’s reputation.

I will post the location+date of the sessions as soon as I have them.
I’m counting on you :slight_smile:

As I already said, I highly encourage you to participate in this study:

"We currently have three times available for athletes to come and complete this questionnaire.

Monday March 29:
Wednesday March 31:
4:30- 5:15 pm
6:30-7:15 pm

We will be located in room 152 of the Currie Gym building (beside the field house)

If these times are not convenient for your team please do not hesitate to contact us with a more appropriate time/date and we would be happy to accommodate your schedule.
Subjects’ responses will be coded without any personal evidence so that their responses and participation will remain anonymous. Completed questionnaires will be kept in a locked file to prevent any unauthorized personnel gaining access to coded results. The results of the study may be presented or published; however, no personal data will be released. Participation is entirely voluntary and a participant can chose to refuse to answer any question or withdraw from the study at any point in time, if a participant chooses not to continue with the research process this will also remain confidential."

can we also have an intervention? I’ve been really wanting to have one for a long time but no one ever seems to be down. I was thinking one for Danby.

ill do it!

I’ll participate, as long as there is an incentive (cash, scratch ticket, candy…).

There will be points awarded

And does ECCC recognize these supposed points?

If not, can the points be redeemed for, say, a spa weekend?

candy Pete? They’re supposed to help you be healthier!

I think the points should be used to supplement your KOM standings.

You could call it KOK points: King of the Kitchen

um yes.

Reminder: the last day to participate in this survey is tomorrow. All the details in the post above