Fall 2021 rides

Welcome to McGill Cycling 2021-2022! My name is Marc, and I am one of the executives for this school year (VP Events). In this forum post, I am going to give an overview of club activities this fall, and what to expect from us in the upcoming weeks. As always, feel free to respond to this post, or ask me or any other exec whatever questions you may have!

Here is a general overview for our fall schedule. As always, this may change but expect this:

Recovery ride (1hr social no drop, ride on the Lachine canal) - 18:30 - Meet at Roddick Gates
Starts on September 6th. We will run this ride until it gets too dark to ride at that time

TPR (Team Points Racing) (~1hr on Racetrack) - 06:30 - Meet at entrance of CGV (Circuit Gilles Villeneuve)
Starts September 7th with an “intro to group riding clinic” and then the following week TPR #1 (first morning of the series) starts
Future forum post to come detailing more specifics about this weekly ride

N/A (ride on your own)

KOM Strava Challenge (~1hr on ProTour Circuit) - 06:30 - Meet at bottom of Camille Houde
Cyclists will “race” up the main climbs in Montreal and attempt to improve their PR’s
Starts September 9th with a practice run and the the following week KOM #1 (first morning of the series) starts
Future forum post to come detailing more specifics about this weekly ride

N/A (ride on your own)

Weekend Rides! (Saturday and/or Sunday)
Starting the weekend of September 12th (another forum post regarding specifics to come)
Will offer an alternating beginner ride (~60km) and intermediate/advanced ride (100km) each weekend

This will be the general schedule for the fall, so, if you have any general questions about any of these rides or any of the abbreviations I used, please let me know. Also, since this is only an introductory post, more forum posts are to come (especially details for Tuesday TPR, Thursday KOM, and routes/times for weekend rides). Some other exciting things to come are 12hrs of McGill Cycling, our kick-off night, Gear Donation Day, and a Fall Training Camp, so stay tuned for all of these things.

I’m excited to meet many new cyclists this fall, so, see you on the roads

Marc Ransom
VP Events