Fall ECCC Racing!!

Hi Everyone! It’s crazy to think how quickly the fall riding season is approaching, as in a couple weeks time the ECCC mountain bike season kicks off. Hence, I wanted to send out a little feeler post to gauge the interest level of attending some of the races.

The weekends are pretty relaxed and every weekend offers at least 5 different disciplines for both men and women (XC, STXC, TR, DS, DH) that you can choose to race. These races have multiples categories and are really inclusive for all levels of riders.

Please sign up for the races that you would possibly like to do. This is only a preliminary post to get a feeling of how many people are interested for each race, so sign up even if you’re not 100% sure.

  • Sept 8-9 Catamount/ Sugarbush, VT
  • Sept 15-16 Holiday Farm/Thunder Mtn, MA
  • Sept 29/30 Middlebury/ Sugarbush, VT
  • Oct 6-7 Highland Mtn Park, NH

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If you have any questions regarding the races, feel free to shoot me or any of the executive members a message.


These races are a lot of fun. More like a camping trip with biking rather than the road series which everyone is A) super serious, and B) Always freezing cold


Would there be interest in doing some of the Ontario UCups potentially as well?

Definitely some interest on my end! We could look into that as well.


Alright guess I need to get the mtb out then and dust off the shoes!


Wtf why are all these races in the middle of the week

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I’m an idiot I was looking at the wrong month.


I would be really interested!! I left my bike at home (on the west coast) because I didn’t think there would be much mtn biking here, but if I can figure out a bike here or get mine shipped over I’d love to race a bit:)

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Sweet, it would awesome if you could come race with us!! Hopefully, you can get your bike shipped, there’s definitely some good mountain biking out east!

I have a bike now, but no car :frowning: Does anyone happen to have room for a person and a bike in their car for the Sept 8/9 in Vermont?