Fast weekly group ride interest?

Hey all. So as made very clear to me by the late great @Philippe_Tremblay, Montreal is lacking in routine weeknight fast group rides during the summer compared to Toronto which has among others the Donut and the Hammer rides. I’ve been thinking about this for a couple years and I think the time has come.

The format I’d suggest is generally starting at either 6:00 or 6:30pm (to allow for work) and aiming for 50-90km depending on daylight, on a consistent day of the week (I’d suggest Thursday since Lachines are on Tuesday and Laval masters crits are on Wednesday, and as far as I know doesn’t conflict with the Club rides). Rolling speed at… well, real fast. Full gas.

Choosing a route is the hard part here. The best route would be something with few stops and preferably clear roads. I’d suggest something on the south shore as it’s generally easy to get off the island via the seaway- maybe variations on St-Remi would work. It’s about 75km from hairpin to hairpin via St-Remi, depending. That would allow us to end the ride at the St-Ambroise terrasse (or other brewery, TBD but some sort of post-ride social thing is highly recommended).

Finally, we need a catchy name.

I’m posting this here to gauge interest as I’d intend this to be more of a community ride with people from other teams rather than something organized by/for only McGill Cycling, but I’m hoping to get a core group that shows up most weeks, so please vote or comment on your interest or any suggestions! I’d like to start this week if possible.

  • This sounds awesome
  • I don’t like going fast

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Love the idea!


Vancouver has a drop ride every week as well where there was a fairly neutral roll out to North Van and then when you hit the last stop light it was hammer time until horseshoe bay. I definitely would be down for a high speed group ride. I’m away the next two Thursdays, but would definitely be down after that.


We used to ride chain gangs / through and and off style back in the UK. 1-2 hour of riding at high pace, with everyone rotating in the group. Not sure if that’s what you’re after, but great for skills, pace and efficiency.

Thursday night chain gang?


I must observe due diligence here, and state that this ride is neither organized, nor affiliated with McGill Cycling. It is a independently organized group ride, and as such the club and its executives are not liable for injuries, accidents, losses and damage that may occur on the ride.

AKA ride at your own risk! :slight_smile:

That said, can’t wait to go in the red !!!

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It’s alright @adithyalaks, we have some cheeky GCN tips to help guide the way


Me every laval ride

Did this end up turning into a weekly ride? Where does it meet? Where do you go?

@Vlavallee, it didn’t end up becoming a thing. It’s hard to coordinate something during the week day that is long enough, and still have some daylight to work with. We could try on weekends, but I suppose everyone’s looking forward to the fall and the pie rides now :slight_smile:

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!!! I am excited for pie rides!

What are pie Rides? :slight_smile:

I’m definitely interested! Hopefully I can think of a non-cheesy name to contribute…