FQSC Cyclocross #1 : Magog


I am going to the race at Magog on Sunday. Here is the info:


If you want to come, I have 2 spots in my car. We will leave the city at 9am, the race begins at 12:30pm

If you would like to come, please sign up by Friday 5pm.

I have some other people (non-mcgill’ers?) who would like to come who would love those spots in my car, but I would prefer to introduce some mcgill people to cross!


Hi Brandon,

If you still have a spot in your car I can go with you.

But I don’t want to take the place of somebody else because I was expecting to go to magog with my car anyway.

Hey Brandon, sorry but I won’t be able to make this, my MBT has some mech trouble I need some parts to sort.

Next time.

Julien, I just called my other friends and they’re able to fill up my car, so it would be great if you could still take your own car. We will all meet up at the race and maybe we can carpool next time.

Jason –
You’re telling me you have 8 bikes and you can’t figure it out?
c’mon man!!
it’s CROSSSSSSSS! :smiley: