FQSC fun

Just reading through the FQSC rule changes for 2013 because I’m bored in small town ontario, and there’s some interesting things there. Apparently phantom aero bars are banned in RRs and crits (sorry Stephen Black), and Senior 3 riders will have the same gearing restrictions as the Juniors when they ride together. Or my french sucks and I got all that wrong…

Also you can buy your 2013 race licenses now if you want.

Plus you can’t draft off someone from a pack that you didn’t start with. e.g. if you get dropped from 1-2, you can’t hang out with the 3s, or masters, or whatever.

You can buy your licence now, but in February, they will be putting a new website up, or using a different website to handle licences, and it can only be a (major) improvement. Even with hard work, it would be hard to design something as bad, let alone worse. So if you don’t need your licence yet, wait until then.

That bracket restriction on senior 3s is going to cause trouble. Interesting.

TIL guidon is handlebars, avant-bras are phantom aero bars, and gear restrictions for Senior 3 don’t make any sense.

wait so 52x14 is the biggest gear i am allowed to turn in S3 now?

ill skip a step: im upset

I think Jonathan’s first comment is directed at Neil and his performance at GMSR

Hey i have an idea: all you upset road bikers can boycott Quebec Senior 3 road racing and just mountain bike this season! No gear restrictions there. You can run a 1 x 11 or a 3 x 10 or anything in between. And you can have a really cool seatpost that pops up and down like Go-go Gadget’s arm. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CK6HhuTfagM

its about time the fqsc puts a gear limit on sr 3 riders.
why not level the playing field with the jr.s also if you were good enough for a bigger gear you would be in the sr 2 bunch.
i know you guys may think i’m old school but when i rode the gear limit was 50X14.
in the long run it will make you a stronger rider.

I’m not so upset with a gear restriction but with paying to switch over. A new big ring and a new cassette.

Does anybody have information on other organizations doing similar things?

Honest question: can you not just put in an extra long lower limit screw and block out your lowest couple gears?
Also it’s possible the juniors might race by themselves more often because of this.

Yeah I’m only upset because I’m broke

As a wise man once said “Cycling is not a sport to practice frugality”

no one is asking you to spend more money, all you have to do is get a SR 2 liscence

I’ll see how I do in ECCC I guess, maybe I’m fit enough to not get dropped by the 1/2 guys…

Wow, this is bullshit.

Like Adam said, this will cost us new stuff, but there’s more! If you do the Mardis de Lachine, you can switch back to your normal gears. If you don’t have two wheelsets for races means you’ll have to change your gears two times a week : for Lachine and for the weekend race with the junior. Or you can just stay with the same gearing all the time.

I guess I’ll just get a Sr2 licence…

Tell me about it… All those Juniors were asking me to help them stay away… Such cheaters.

As for the gearing restriciton, since I ride a compact, is a 50/13 allowed?

Ummm, bad news, but the only way to pass the roll out with a 50 tooth front ring would be 50*14. Assuming you have 23mm tires, (Chain ring/sprocket) needs to be less than 3.75. USAC publishes a nice guide http://www.usacycling.org/forms/rules/JUNIOR_GEAR_ADJUSTMENTS.pdf

I’m assuming there is going to be a ton more split fields this year with the juniors and senior threes, because they can’t possibly expect this not to be incredibly messy. Do they even have enough time to roll out the entire field on race day?

^^ I assume you mean 52 front ring?

If I race I’ll probably just guy a 45T front ring

The juniors win all the races anyways, what are they complaining about?

I get that it’s theoretically unfair that Sr 3 racers get a bigger gearing, and maybe I even get that it doesn’t make sense to split Sr 3/Jr since the pelotons will be too small/too expensive to run?

I just don’t like having to fuck around with my bike