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Do you seriously think the sort of people who inspect bikes at races are going to watch you shift up/down to prove you’ve over-set your limit screw and can’t go past 14 t? Most of them probably don’t even know what a limit-screw is or does.

They are really going to measure the distance travelled on a roll test to nearest cm too I bet (as specified by the regs) accounting for the deadzone in the pawls of a rear hub (which can lead to appreciable error if your precision is specified to the nearest 5 mm).

Why would an Sr3 not have Campy 11spd? Athena is fairly cheap, most of the high end bike gear is bought by non-racers anyway. Lots of people with $$$ bikes in the young/rich 27-30 year old crowd.

When someone writes a rule requiring equipment that is highly non-standard, using a measurement precision impractical in the setting it’s meant for, it’s generally fairly obvious to me it was written by someone who didn’t actually think very much.

Actually, the limit screw technique will work and is used commonly for jr and cadet racers. They’ll simply have you down shift all the way, and roll the bike. If it stays on the 14, you’re fine.

And then they measure to within 5mm of accuracy as specified? :wink:

I doubt that. They simply have 2 chalk lines, “align” the cranks and move the bike until the cranks are “aligned” again. I have no idea how much leeway they give it, I’ve just seen them do it, without paying too much attention.

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fqsc sux lol

my guess is that FQSC decided to implement all these useless new rules (no victory salute?) to show that the new guard is actually doing something.

FQSC sux

Required: UCI sucks!

Also, victory salutes are dangerous business

“Hey, a rule is a rule, and without rules there’s chaos”

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Maybe this is a dumb question, but what is the intention of gearing restrictions? Is it to reduce the speed of the peloton on flats? Do senior 3 pelotons EVER go 54kph even before the gearing restrictions?

From startbikeracing.com,
These restrictions reduce the likelihood that races be dominated by the early bloomers , who are physiologically years older than other kids. They won’t be able to pull off monster breakaways in a huge gear that less well-developed kids can’t push. Last, it helps keep junior packs together, allowing the riders to learn and refine their pack riding skills and strategies.

So I guess restrictions kind of make sense for younger riders (under 18?), but for someone just under 30 who has been riding for over a decade, I don’t get it.


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any idea on price?

guys - just set the limit screw. it’s nothing to freak about

ok fine

Holy shit, Miche is still in the drive-train business?

McGill cycling’s mission is to promote proper learning of cycling technique in the collegiate community.
The rule of restricted gearing was made to teach beginners (juniors) to spin their legs and adopt proper cadence.
This being said, the British Track pursuit team ride at over 60kmh an hour in their pursuit and they use 50X14.
Therefore, to avoid ligament injuries to new riders, we support the measure since most of the course in Quebec are relatively flat and do not include descents that require huge gearing. Juniors regularly place in the top 5 at Lachine where the sprint comes in at over 65 km/h. With this evidence, we understand that are members may be upset they have to spend a little more money to change their current bicycle, but it is in their best interest. Please note that gear restrictions started in France, a hot bed of cycling and was brought to Quebec after that.

Sorry for reviving a thread that’s been dead for over 1400 days, but just an update/clarification so nobody gets worried about this while trawling the depths of the forums like I did: Sr 3 no longer has any gearing restriction as of Dec 2016 and probably much earlier…

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