Friday 10th morning KOM (double or triple) ride

(Houde, Rememberance, Ridgewood, UdeM (side and/or front), Conservatory) * 2 or 3 + final cemetery climb
Meet at 630 bottom of Houde. Ride hard. Intermediate/Advanced. Shouldn’t take more than 2 hours.
I hear there are tryouts the next day. This can be a nice warm up.


if guys dont mind I would like to join but if I cant keep up with you guys Ill just ride by myself

if im able to pick my wheels up tomorrow ill be there. triple kom indeed

I second that Alex

do it emily

Anyone can come. I just want to make sure that we are actually riding hard. I guess it is best if you know the route I mentioned so we can just go at it for a while and meet at the end of each loop, or maybe some people can do UdeM side and front while others only do the side. We’ll just see who shows up tomorrow.

waaaayyyy tooo early for me.

whatever Nick, I’ll see you there

sweet i got my wheels back so ill see you out there big hammer

lookin forward to it

Hey - don’t worry: if the group splits I’m happy to wait for the slower half at the top. I’m quite sure I know my way around.

I’ll show up but it will be a singleton for me since I’m accounted for at 9am.