Friday 5pm hills

Let’s race up some twisty climbs in the cemetery (and a few other places) for a little over an hour. Meet at the bottom of houde.

weather could be poor, so we’ll just have to abide by Rule 5.

I’ll be rejoicing the end of my exams

you didn’t wait for me to post it ! Darn.
Anyway, I’ll be rejoicing the end of my exams as well, so it will be a feisty ride.

slash that. Weather will be lovely this afternoon


do you think i would be able to keep up with you guys ?

I’ll try to make it if I can finish work on time!

sigh… i’m going to skip. Far too tired to pedal my bicycle.
Sorry Jocelyn.

WHAT!!! Dennis you are breaking my heart. You better not chicken out.

Sorry Junior but I’m going to bail on climbing as well. I’m going to go to the F1 track for an hour or so. I’ll be there starting at 5h30, join me if you want.

Hmmm, I might still go for hills, but later. Thanks for the invite and have fun at the F1!