Friday F1 leg spinner 5:30pm

Because my two exams conflict tomorrow, I’m being held captive in Leacock 219 from 9am-5pm (not allowed to leave from 12-2pm in between tests) with no contact to the outside world permitted.

I can only imagine that after this terrible ordeal I will want some company for a nice stroll to the F1 for a couple “chill-zone” enabled laps.

will be no more than 1.5hrs

all levels are welcome

note: a good pre-contrecoeur cruise

sign up added

Will come if weather is cooperating.

I need that kind of ride. Good luck on the exams.

What a perfect way to end the day after PHYS 142 tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:

Its raining :frowning:

You don’t get any harder without riding in shit weather. We live in montreal, not monaco.

Will be at Roddick Gates at 5:20 (if I finish my exam in time).

Not even raining outside. drizzled for like 5 minutes and that was the end of it

Looks good outside to me.
See everyone at 5:30