Friday Spin: 7th December 2018

(Adithya Lakshminarayanan) #1


Join us for a spin starting at 7AM in the McGill Gym spin room!

Remember to bring your McGill ID, shoes, a towel, water, and maybe a snack. Oh, and don’t forget your legs.

Sign up if you plan on coming!:

  • I heard Didi’s curated yet another playlist… Psyched to hear it! (Coming)
  • Didi’s music gives me nightmares, so I’ll skip (Not Coming!)

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(Dylan Dalgas) #3

In case you missed it!.. Bon a, bon appétit, Didi.

Also, is this a stick for vegetarianism by Migos!?!?

“Sweet potato pie (sweet)
It’ll change your mind (change)
Got you running back for seconds (running)
Every single night (hey)”

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