From Montreal to Quebec City

Hi, I have an idea to ride to Quebec City next month. It should take me about two days to arrive. Did any one of you ride to Quebec City before?
I might need some any advice…lol Like which town is best place to stay for the first night? How is the road condition outside the city?..If anyone knows please let me know;) Thanks!
Or anyone who want to ride together? (I can ride about 170km/day but not fast…)

I’ve never done the ride, but I’d love to tag along. Keep me posted! :slight_smile:

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I might ride there at first/second week of July, stay for 1 day and go home by bus :grinning: Let me know if you are interested or you have better plan haha

Hey Zoey,

I had some friends do a Montreal - Quebec City trip a few weeks ago. The trip out to Quebec City is easier, as the predominant winds along the route essentially blow from the southwest to the northeast. They stopped in Trois-Rivières on the way back, since it’s more or less halfway.

Hi Ryan! Thank you very much for the advice!! Its is very helpful. I marked Trois-Rivières on the map, looks like its the best route to Quebec City.:slight_smile: