Gearing up : Basic requests and a newbie guide to the must haves

(Andre Liberati) #1

Hey everyone,

Looking to (finally) get some actually biking gear and looking for advice on what to go for and what could be necessary.

Before buying anything, I was wondering if anyone would have any used clothing items for sale (mainly looking for the absolute basics - jerseys, bibs, gloves also maybe, shoes would be amazing).

More generally, I’d also be down on advice for things to go for (clothing, maintenance products, etc.) and places you usually get them from - going for a good value for money, not necessarily looking for anything high end (yes, I’m a bit cheap yet still getting into cycling for real ^^).

So if you have any ideas or place I can look, let me know !

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

(Félix Fournier ) #2

Hi Andre, what size shoes do you wear?

(Andre Liberati) #3

Eur : 43/44 US : 9.5 roughly - most often depends on the fit

(Felix Oestereich) #4

What you ‘really’ need depends a bit on the conditions you want to be able to ride in. I’ll try to split it up in some categories.

Very basic - you WILL need these:

  • bibs
  • jersey
  • shoes
  • helmet
  • sun glasses

Early morning/spring/fall rides - for temperatures between maybe 8-15C. You may not need all of those:

  • leg/knee warmers
  • arm warmers
  • base layer
  • cap
  • buff
  • shoe cover
  • toe thingies
  • long finger gloves
  • vest

Cold & wet rides

  • rain/winter jacket
  • waterproof stuff (shoe covers/gloves/etc.)

My personal favourites that I use ALL the time are (Those things cover 90% of my rides):

  • arm warmers
  • knee warmers (I prefer knee warmers over leg warmers but I may be weird)
  • toe thingies (again, I prefer those over full shoe covers unless it’s raining)
  • vest

We have a spreadsheet with some used kit for sale:

(Andre Liberati) #5

Thanks so much for the list Felix !

Any specific places you’d advise to buy bibs and shoes ? I think that’s the basis of what I’m missing so far and I know quality (and prices) can widely vary. What makes a good choice for those ?

(Adithya Lakshminarayanan) #6

Hey Andre. We have a few bibs and jerseys in stock if you’d like to snag something from us. I’d confidently say what the club has in stock would be the best bang for your buck!

Otherwise, I believe MEC has some basic, but worthwhile bibs and cycling clothing. @Felix has a few things from there, and I’m sure he could say more.

(Dylan Dalgas) #7