Giro Velogames

Breaks my heart that @Philippe_Tremblay is too busy biking around the world to do this, but it needs to get done.

make a team and join the Mcgill League, for a friendly competition where only luck-watts matter!

League Name: Mcgill Espresso Sippers
League Code: 910403242023


Woohoooo. The Giro is arguably the best grand tour so if you’re looking at this and thinking “what the hell is the Giro?” go find a stream at and watch some bike racing.

Or pay a bunch of money and watch it legitimately on

wonder how much it is…

Steephill has a thing about it:

Looks like for us Canadians it would be $24.98 USD

7 day free trial with Fubo! works great too

Guys we’re on FIRE.

Four of us in top 200/ 17000!!!

I lost Dennis which is going to hurt badly in the long run.

Zakarin in better form than I expected!

Bring on week 2!

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v. nice work by nnova, stacking his team with Quintana, Pinot and Jungels, rounded out with Stuyven and Yates. Even his worst performing rider (Woods) still earned 241 pts.

Now that we have a taste, ready for TdF?