Grand Prix Raphaël Lévy

Hey - are any of you planning on going out to the road race in St-Jerome (Bellefeuille) on Sunday?

My girlfriend Lisa is looking for a ride out - anyone who is going or would like to split a car rental please let us know!

Hey Alistair!

Sorry but as much as I would love to have the ‘pimp’ accent, I am no longer the owner… But if you get a ride I’ll see you there, I have many of your water bootles!

Dan la manne

Peter and Seb!!!

Are you guys going!?

I don’t want to be alone!!

Is the race on Sunday? I have to do some stuff this weekend and I kinda took the week off to heal my ass and rest a bit hehe!

There’s a time trial and a crit next weekend though that sound interesting…



If you are planning on going, Lisa would be happy to split a car rental with you. Please reply soon if you are - time is getting a little tight to organize this.


UPDATE: she’s got a ride…[/i]

Congrads to Dan «LaManne» Lortie for FINISHING 22nd out or 56 guys this weekend at the Bellefeuille race in Cat.3 ! :smiley:

I placed 17th in the 1-2 Cat. Next time will be better ! :wink: