(Adithya Lakshminarayanan) #1

HallowKOM is upon us once again! As an annual tradition, riders come to the KOM on/before Halloween in costumes, and are therefore dressed to impress!

Make sure to join us this year for another HALLOWKOM, at 6.30AM, meeting at the base of houde. We will not be awarding points, so make sure that you are outfitted in the best bling you find. We could consider awarding points to the best costume that turns up… And for those that do not turn up in costumes, there will be severe consequences (just kidding, but seriously, come dressed up!)

Sign up if you plan on coming:

  • I’m competing for the best costume (Coming!)
  • I don’t need to pretend to be someone I’m not. I’m already too shiny. (Not coming!)

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(Jordan Miller42) #2

No points? But my bananaskinsuit/aero fairing gives me a competitive edge…

(Cedric) #3