Hills 10:30 03/04/12

Going out to do some hills if anybody wants to join me. Probably Westmount unless others have suggestions.

I suggest the Austrian Alps

I’m in for 10:30. I suggest the KOM circuit starting at Mount Pleasant up Summit etc finishing at the Oratory. The Cimetière is still quite muddy. We could meet at the Gates. How’s that?

If anyone wants to do this ride closer to 3-4 then I’m game!

I’m up for it Gates 10:30 it is
The Austrian Alps would be hit the spot but I can’t see myself riding there just yet so we’ll settle for second best.

Unfortunately my schedule is too tight and I have to opt out of this one for now. Sorry about this Josef.

No worries. I’ll still be swinging by the gates 10:30 if any body else is interested. Won’t be waiting long though.

Oh man what a killer ride… Thanks Michel!