I Want to join!!

I want to join this club, but i can’t click the Verify username button at the join the club.

Now i study in the McGill But i will just attend 1 session untll jun.
and after session i will work in the Montreal for Internship untill August

when i searched about Montreal Cycling, i found the McGill team, i am so attractive, i bring my cycle from the korea!

So i really want to ride with McGill Cycling team
How can i join the team??

Ah shoot, looks like I’ve broken that. I’ll get that fixed up.

In the mean time, just participate on the forum, and find (or post!) a ride. :slight_smile:

Hi Noah!!
I think, button still doesn’t work.
could you check?
Thank you !

Yeah I probably won’t be able to look into it before the weekend. In the mean time, you don’t really have to worry about it till the Fall semester.

Hey @bruno.lee, it’s taken me a while, but I’ve got the signups fixed!

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