Impromptu Bikecamping


If there is interest, I think I will organize a little McGill cycling getaway for next weekend (July 17 & 18)! I was thinking a short bike-camping weekend, leaving Saturday morning and returning Sunday. No route has been planned (at this point, nothing has been planned) but I was thinking in the range of ~100km each day, at a relatively easy pace to accommodate all skill levels wanting to take part.

Depending on the group size, a subsidy can be provided by the club to buy food for group meals. If you’re interested, please indicate so in the poll below so we can start planning!!

Also, if you have any advice concerning bike-camping (route ideas, what to bring/ leave at home, cooking suggestions, etc) it would be greatly appreciated if you comment it below…

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I might have some extra frame bags that you can borrow!

If not me, I’m sure someone will borrow them!!

Definitely interested! I don’t have any kit or bikecamping experience, but I am keen to join :smiley:

The biking sounds like fun, the camping part not so much. :slight_smile:

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Hey, could we create a group chat on fb or something like that?
Makes it easier to keep track of how things are going and to organize. Also, the weather seems somewhat rainy on Sunday so we will have to keep an eye on that.

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Sure, add me on Facebook! Couldn’t find you, for some readon

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Ahhh I missed it again