Impromptu Upper body

Contrary to popular belief, lifting weights with your arms does not automatically make you huge. When done properly it increases strength and protects from injury.

Therefore, I will be going to the gym to do upper body and core exercises from 7 to 8:30 pm today (Sunday 10th) because Hons made me too sore to do my second bike session.

I’ll put a signup thingy, if you sign up I’ll wait for you.

P.S. Meet in varsity weight room. Which is empty Sunday nights so there will be no big scary people… other than me.

I wholeheartedly agree with adam that upper body work is important even for the most stick-like among us. perhaps especially important for the more stick like. Personally, I am about to embark on a training program that involves mainly body weight exercises, like one-legged squats and one arm push-ups, not to build myself up but to build raw strength.