Indoor Training: Stuff to Watch

(Nicolas Kleban) #1

Hey guys,

Official MCT indoor training will be starting very soon (more info on this coming shortly-will be three days/week as it’s been in the past) but I think most of us still train the other 4 days/week at home, so I thought it be a good idea to create a thread here with things that you may find interesting, motivating and/or entertaining to do on the trainer. I’m thinking if you watch something cool while on the trainer (like an exciting race stage for example) you can post the link here for everyone to enjoy. We can beat winter everyone!

Let me know what you think! Hopefully, I’ll see most of you out in Watopia :wink:

(Nicolas Kleban) #2

Starting off, today I watched these:

TDF Stage 13 2019:

Criterium du Dauphine Stage 6:

Some wholesome, quality Julian Alaphilippe motivation!