Interested in being on the exec next year?

We are going to be having a meeting soon to organize some stuff for this semester. If you are interested in being on the exec next year or thinking you might want to help out with team stuff, you should come along so we can start to figure out what is happening next year and who is going to be around.

I forgot to mention I’ll let you know later when we decide when/where we have the meeting.

I’d be up to help out as I’ll be back to the full-time student world next year, but I would not be able to make it to the meeting… let me know if you need my help for anything.

It would be a bit of a commute from Sudbury for the meeting…
That’s great that you will be able to help out next year. I’ll keep you posted on what’s going on after the meeting.

For those of you who replied to this, please check the “team only” section for the time and location of the meeting.

there is a high likelyhood that some free food will also be available, if you were sitting on the fence.