Jersey Pick up

Hello world,

Just thought I’d put it out there Jerseys are now in. For all of you first timers I know how exited you all are as I was there once so I’ll get to the point and you can run over a fast as you can like I did.

There will also be designated times for Pick up at my place. The first of which is from 1:30 to 3:30 this Tuesday the 10th and another 2:30 to 4:30 this Friday the 14th. More times will be posted as time progress’.

My address is located in the Team Only Section or you can shoot me a PM or two. Also if you do not feel like you can make any of the above mentioned times and would like to get it asap shoot me third or fourth PM.

Hope to have the pleasure of meeting each of you in person.
Peace out.

I forgot to mention that we have still to receive the cycling caps from Verge though everything else is in. If this means you, you are more then welcome to come and pick up the rest of your kit and we’ll get you your euro cap as soon as possible.

Hello all! I’ve ordered some stuff and I’d liike to pick it up asap for my upcoming ride; however I don’t have access to the Team Only tab as I am only a club member I guess. In other word I need the adress.


PM sent

The jackets are amazing

I got mine today as well and it really is awesome.

Now if I can just ride faster…

I don’t have access to the team only section, either.

PM sent

To all people concerned about access to the “team only section” we are slowly working out a process of updating our membership lists, list servs, and compilation of forum names. I dont know when but soon everybody who has paid should see it.

P.S. Pretty much the only thing that is posted there are addresses and phone numbers for potlucks and jersey pickups. You aren’t missing alot.

what’s with the jackets exactly?

jackets are the MOST DOPE

After noticing that some people are having problems locating my humble domicile. I would just like to mention that you will not need to climb up any stairs to get into my place. Going up any stairs means you are going the wrong way. Thanks.

I brought a paper bag full of FREEEEEEE cycling clothing! This cycling clothing is used, but if you are lacking in funds and spandex, free is a pretty good price. Feel free to paw around and take what you will. Anyone picking clothes up from Josef’s house will have a chance to check out the free bag.

I would like to point out a few things:

  1. The jackets are amazing. As in, out of this world amazing.
  2. The jerseys are 15 times cooler than last year. And last year’s were already hard to beat
  3. The powerwatts logo on the quads is bound to give us +35W average power.

Thank you guys for organizing the order.

Yeah, the jackets make me want to go bike outside.

Yes the Verge jackets are even better than before. Just picked up mine tday. I’m impressed. Job well done.

Hasta la vista!

OH MY GOD, THIS JACKET IS SO SICK. ANYONE (Drew) Who didn’t get one is a FOOL.


yeah! so glad everyone likes their jackets

I ask my question again: What’s with the jackets exactly?

Is it just the fabric/build or is this a design thing?