KOM 0: Introductory

Are your climbing legs ready? Are you as excited as I am for another year of #KOMDrama? Have you trained all summer with the hope of stealing the blue polka-dot jersey from Flynn Baker? Join us every Wednesday morning, starting next week September 14th at 6:30am for KOM!

This ride consists of a series of climbs around Mount Royal and Westmount. The ride will be separated into three distinct groups (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). Each climb is worth a predetermined amount of points which will be attributed to the first ones at the top (5 points for 1st place 4 points for 2nd place and so on). We regroup at the top of each climb, so everyone is welcome to come out!

The start point is at the base of Camilien Houde, and we’ll leave promptly at 6.35AM. This means that you should be present at 6.30AM. The ride should take approximately one hour, and we usually get coffee afterwards.

Here is a link of the route for this year:
KOM 2022

We will make a points sheet and share it with the team based off who signs up below!

No points will be awarded at KOM #0 next Wednesday, but we still plan on going in the red and staying there.

Sign up if you plan on coming!

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

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Woah Woah Woah, changing KOM from Thursday to Wednesday? Is that even allowed?

The Official Coach certified by Cycling Canada (now required at rides by McGill Athletics) could only make Wednesdays… stay tuned to see who it is :shushing_face: :thinking:


Thank you so much , Beginner here :raised_hand: