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Hey everyone!

Dust of your climbing cobwebs because as of this Thursday at 6:30 am, KOM is back!

The ride consists SIX of climbs around Mount Royal. Each individual climb has a predetermined amount of points up for grabs which will be attributed to the first five riders across the top (5 points for 1st place 4 points for 2nd place and so on). The rest of the ride is neutral and will also be separated into three distinct groups; beginner, intermediate, and advanced, each with their own respective point totals.

Without further ado, what everyone is waiting for, this year’s climbs are;

  1. Camilien Houde
  2. Ridgewood
  3. Côte de la Polytechnique
  4. Chemin de la rampe
  5. UdeM Music School Climb (it’s back!)
  6. Camilien Houde (so nice we’re doing it twice!)

The start point is at the base of Camilien Houde, and we’ll leave promptly at 6.35AM. This means that you should be present at 6.30AM. The ride should take approximately one hour, and we usually get coffee afterwards.

Here is a link of the route for this year:

Here is the 2019 (yes it says 2018) points tally. Make sure to add your name as a contestant in the appropriate table (beginner, intermediate, or advanced)!

No points will be awarded at KOM #0, we’ll use the ride to walk everyone through the route as well as clearly state where the finishes for each climb are so there’s no confusion going forward.

Sign up below if you plan on coming (and what category you’d like to race in)!

  • Advanced
  • Intermediate
  • Beginner

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The coveted polka dot jersey is back up for grabs! :wink:

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No Points?!

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Keep tapering


I think they allow cyclists on this paved path now… https://www.strava.com/segments/850107 It’s not long but it has a few sections that are >20%. It spits you out on Chemin Olmstead. My vote to replace one of the houdes!

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That’s a really good climb! I think the issue might be the start of the climb just because the access to it is directly from the sidewalk. Wouldn’t want anyone to potentially; 1. crash trying to jump the curb at the start of the segment or 2. get a ticket for riding on the sidewalk.


The start is pretty sketchy… it looks a lot better now that they’re finished with all the construction, and I thought there was a clear bike path from the road now, but I’ve only run it, not biked it, so I’m not sure how it is

(Jackie Peters) #9

This sounds fun and challenging! Can anyone participate? And how do I know whether I fall into the beginner or intermediate group?

(Nicolas Kleban) #10

Hi Jackie, glad you’re interested in coming! Yes, everybody is welcome to join the ride, regardless of skill level. Choosing what category to participate in is also entirely up to you. My advice would be to come to KOM 0 this Thursday to get an idea of where you may stack up before choosing your group for the series. Hope that helps!

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Probably a good idea to circulate the KOM finish lines document before the points start next week and people shift the goal posts :stuck_out_tongue: