KOM #0

The leaves are starting to fall, add-drop is ending, the sun is going down before 7pm, and it can all only mean one thing–KOM is BACK BABY.

This Thursday (09/16) we’ll be starting up the weekly KOM series at the base of Houde at 6:30am and be leaving at 6:35am sharp. This week won’t be scored to give everyone a chance to see what the climbs will be this year, but all the ones in the coming weeks will be.

Each of the six climbs are scored with 5pts for 1st, 4pts for 2nd, etc. When we aren’t on the climbs the ride will be neutral and broken up into the advanced, intermediate, and beginner groups that you’ll sign up for in the poll below.

Here’s the Scoresheet:

And here’s the poll:

  • Advanced
  • Intermediate
  • Beginner

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After the ride we normally get coffee and hangout for a bit so feel free to come see us.

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Every Thursday morning?

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that’s correct

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Any weather considerations for these rides? :cold_face:

Hi Dani,

KOM runs rain or shine. It will however be cancelled in the case of extreme weather (thunder, snow etc)

Thanks Nick.