KOM #5 - 6h30 - My Swan Song

Hey all
As some have heard I got a job and am leaving the cold of Montreal to take in some of the California sunshine.

This is true and I’m planning on leaving this coming Monday, as such this will be my last KOM.
Same old same old, 6h30 at the base of the houde, we’ll be done in about an hour.

I’m planning on going to Cafe Olympico for a coffee after so if you don’t want to wake up at 6h30 and you still want to see me before I leave, come by Olympico around 7h45.

I also need someone to take over the spreadsheet and organizing the ride each week for the next 3 weeks when the official KOM will end (after 8 rounds)

I am down, Rain or shine.

We don’t have to let you win do we?

Only on the houde

Can we hold hands?

Of course my bike breaks down for Brandon’s last KOM. Maybe if you guys give me a head start I can run up…
I’ll come for coffee. Om nom nom.

I can take over the spreadsheet brandon if you haven’t had any other offers.

I guess I don’t know where Cafe Olympico is so I’ll have to KOM early for it

Is there still a beginner/slow group or is this a speedy KOM?

Jillll I’ll be there at least!
But we’re always speedy at 6:30, aren’t we? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be there too, and I consider myself beginner. So we’ll be 3 :slight_smile:

(edit) they’re forecasting 3 degrees between 6 and 8. If it turns out to be true I won’t show up, I don’t have enough clothes unless I do it in jeans or sweat pants. I’ll go get some this weekend!

Brandon, what will we do without you?

If there’s a beginner group then I will be there.

There is always a beginner group

I might come, but in retired pro fashion: show up while the peloton races past your hometown, preferably in a sleeveless jersey and hair blowing in the wind.

Excellent!!! At 6:30 we shall speed our way up and at 6:35 we shall slowly reach the top!

A five minute houde climb ain’t nothing to fuck with.

Note that Jill actually is a retired pro.

Also if I don’t make it tomorrow, its because I’m feelin pretty ill. As in unwell.

True but it won’t be me that makes it in five minutes.

Thanks everyone for coming out this morning on the ride and to the cafe. Descending the houde after remembrance was really emotional, I had a really nice time this morning.

Updated results for advanced are here

I will pass the ownership of the spreadsheet on to Eric