Lack of interest for powerwatts

I was wondering why there was a lack of interest for a topic ben posted earlier. Computrainer group training at powerwatts at atwater.

For one, it would be good to get the mens a team out there and the higher caliber girls at least.
I mean spinning on gogo gym spinners, you put out maybe a total of 50 watts and it is in my mind a bit of a waste of time because resistance is so variable. I dont know if its a price thing?
Maybe we should get everybody<s opinion on this.

I’m interested and replied to the other thread.

I totally agree with will. This is an amazing opportunity to get the best training available in Montreal. What is holding everyone back?

I don’t know.
Time. Jobs. Commitments. Having our own trainers in our apartments?
And yeah, money too. Since we do more or less zilch on the fund-raising why pay when we have the gym and our own set ups?
NO doubts that it would be mad fun and worth it though, for those who are.

Alright enough hesitating. I’m in.

I have a pretty decent set up at my place, but I guess I`d come give it a try…

I’ve expressed my interest as well.
I’d definitely give it a try

yeah I am going to do it seriously as well. I have decided that I am going to race XC this summer, so I got to get in shape.

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for XC

i’m totally interested but i’m at concordia. i’m quitting couriering in 9 days so i wanna keep in shape for the winter. might swing by tomorrow if a call takes me out there

Colin, the powerwatts thing would probably only be available for people who plan on racing with us in the spring or summer. If you were interested in paying the team fees (if you haven’t already) and there was space for you, then you could probably join us.