Laurentides Gravel This Week?

Hi All

Weather looks great this week. I am thinking of doing this ride that links up the Aerobic Corridor gravel path with the Petit Train Du Nord. It’s c. 85 miles with 3800 feet of climbing (135-40k, 1160m climbing). I did the first big climb from Molin Heights on Friday and its both easy (long, low gradient) and beautiful. Anyhow. Could do the ride W, F, or Sat depending on weather and who is interested/available. I can take 5 people/bikes (including me). Anyone interested? Pace of fun. I.e. regroup at top/bottom of big climbs. Roll flats together. Given the terrain/surface prob. will average c. 25-30 kph. (15-18 mph) not counting stops.

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Hey @Zach_Stone! Yup, great riding up there. Is this luxury gravel, or CX/MTB gravel? The gnarlier, the better!

I would love to go! I can do Wednesday if we could be back by 2 (not sure if that’s possible) or Friday I have no constraint of time Friday but I like early!

It would be perfect for me on Saturday, always if the weather is nice!

The parts on the aerobic corridor and petit train are pretty smooth. Not sure about the connector. Probably washboardy but not single track. I’ll be running a 35mm tire up front and 33 in the back.

And re: day. W is prob worst for me. Weather permitting would prefer Friday or saturday. And re: time. Prob have to leave Montreal pretty early but wheels down before 930 might make for an unnecessarily crisp start to the ride.

Ok great! Anytime Friday would be great for me! I cant do saturday unfortunately

So right now the accuweather forcast for both days is shockingly awesome. Mid-60s and 0% chance of rain, or possibly even cloud cover. If this holds true through W night / Th AM I’ll go with whatever day has the most people, or possibly both days. Though I’d want to do a slightly shorter ride on Friday if I was doing 80 miles on saturday.

Hey sorry if this changes your plans but I am super swamped with school right now so I think I will have to pass on the Friday ride. Have fun out there!

No worries–leaning towards Saturday, any one else interested? Prob leaving town around 830-9.

I think I will drop Saturday I am sorry.