Laval - Ste Agathe

I’m thinking of doing this race (far from committed). Anyone else interested? I can probably provide a lift to/from the start line in Laval.

Also, does anyone know a way back to Laval that wouldn’t involve sitting on my bike for an extra 4 hours?

i would say we should all learn to fly, but thats really just useless.

It’s looking more and more promising that I’ll be going to the race and riding back. Come on guys, I need more people to draft on the way home!

If I don’t stay in St-Sauveur after the race, I think I can provide a lift back, but I’m gonna try to manage something

Ok sounds great! At this point I think I’ll ride back either way but Mat, kep me updated on whether you get a lift.

As for transport to the start line, I’ll only have room for myself and another 3 people (it’s very tight but it can work). Can anyone get their own lift to Laval? If everyone needs a lift then priority will go to those who signed up first.

Hey Dave, I could definitely use a lift. Is there still room? when and where.

Definitely. Meet me at the Roddick gates at 6:15am. We’ll leave from there at 6:30am and be at the start for 7.

For anyone else, there are now 2 spots left in my car. Please let me know if you’d like a lift! You can leave a message here, pm me, or call me at 514-891-6987.

i’ll be there. Thanks!

i won’t be doing the race… riding back from the gates someone opened a car door on me. I didn’t fall fortunately but my hand is cut and pretty sore.

did you break a wheel Alex? Also heal quickly, you’ll need the hand to lift weights.

nothing broken, just paining. AND NO MORE WEIGHTS ADAM!