Looking for a bike case

I’m looking to buy a bike case to transport my road bike on the plane. Thus far, all I’ve found online are the Thule “Round Trip” bike cases, which look great.

They sell them at MEC but for 500$, which I feel is a bit steep. Anyone looking to sell one used? If not, any suggestions on where to buy them? I was thinking online at Amazon.com, where I’ve found them for 350$. Any advice on having one shipped from the states? Any other brands I should check out?

Cool! any info would be much appreciated.

I just found out about the Trico Ironcase too, which looks pretty rad. Anyone hae one or heard what they’re like?

Sometimes you can rent them from bike stores

Rented one from cycletechnique for a recent trip. It’s around 60 bucks.

I’ve transported my bike by plane twice, and only used a cardboard bike box. There is a greater chance of damage compared to a real bike box, but the cardboard box is free. In case you were wondering.

Cardboard is free and way lighter. Which can make it all the more cheaper… Bike boxes weight a ton. They are pretty solid though.

I can’t rent one, because I’ll be doing a one-way trip back home to the Yukon before winter.

I shipped my bike in cardboard on my way here at the beginning of my degree, and packing it was hell; plus, I kind of feel like I’m going to be going all over the place in the next couple years and figure it’s worth the investment to buy a real case. I know they’re pricey, but in the end, if I don’t use it, Im sure I can find someone back home who’ll buy it.

Any more info on them? Suggestions and the like?

I have a trico Ironcase, which I think was around 250 online in the states. It’s not for sale, but I definitely like it a lot and recommend it. It will even fit a small downhill bike. If you value your bicycle at all, (and especially if you ever plan on upgrading) go with a bike box.

I went to Russia with my bike and dragged it around on trains, shitty taxis etc with this case:


I got it on way deeper liquidation than it is now though. For $250 you can probably do better with another product.

Another issue is that proper bracing of the frame inside the case is way more important than the particular case.

I also got the Performance case on a huge discount. Depending on how much time you have, you can wait for one of their promotions. Like Jason said, the case is good but it’s not worth 250$.

This best bike case that i’ve used and i know a lot of pro friends use is this:


the soft cases are a LOT easier to deal w/ once you’ve reached your destination. I’ve tried using the performance one, but if you have multiple bikes or just a lot of luggage, it can be a pain to deal w/. Plus, if you plan on going to europe, i still had a bit of tough time fitting my two soft cases and small luggage in the team cars.

Finally, and probably the best part of this case is that it does not look like a bike case. Meaning that it is “relatively” easier to skip the additional bike charge whenever you fly. (google airport ninja haha)

either way, get some pipe installation from home depot to put around your frame.