Looking for people to ride with.

Hello, anybody interested to go for a ride this weekend, possible Saturday?

I might be down for Saturday! I just got my second vaccine dose so it could be that I won’t be feeling to hot tomorrow. If I’m feeling alright though I’d be happy to ride! Add me on fb and we can try and coordinate this.

Hey, sounds good. Sent you a request on FB.

I’d be down depending on the time (and intensity level lol)

I was thinking sometime in the morning. But nothing final yet. What time works for you? If you are in FB we can discuss it there.

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I’m free anytime before 5/6ish tomorrow so lmk, I added you on fb so we can confirm there

If you’re planning on going tomorrow morning I would join :raising_hand_man:t3: Is there a decided route?

Yes, we have still not finalized on the route (chambly/varennes) but we will be doing a ride. We meet near the Atwater market at 930. It would be great if you could join us.

Awesome, I’ll be there!

Perfect! See you there.

Damn…I just saw this thread. I was there at the Atwater market at that time. Did a 60k ride from CGV to Saint Catherine and back. I’ll join next time. Where did you guys end up going

If by Saturday, you mean the 17, yeah! Could be interested. :slight_smile: Medium-slow biker here.

Hi, originally it was intended for the previous weekend, but if weather permits, I’d be down for the coming weekend too.

Oh. It would have been nice if you could have joined us. We went to chambly. In total somewhere around 70kms.

Anybody riding tomorrow? I’m look to do a long ride, around 100km at a comfortable pace.

Hey guys!

Moving to McGill August 1st and looking to do some August rides! Do you guys have a sort of set schedule or just go by suggestion for routes/times? I’m a total newbie to the city so would love to find out where the great rides are and meet some other cyclists!


Hey Bryan,

We have weekly group rides every Monday! Check out all the details here: Weekly Summer Group Rides. Next one is tomorrow! Hope to see you!