Looking to buy an xxxl McGill cycling shirt of any kind

I’m looking to diversify my cycling wardrobe. Does anyone have any idea where I can get a McGill shirt for cycling of any kind? I am an xxxl. Thank you for any help!

Hi Jordan!

We do kit orders mid fall, but we luckily have quite a large inventory of past McGill jerseys in a range of sizes. @Nickkleb can help you arrange a time to look at what’s available!

Thank you for your help Mary! @Nickkleb, would you be able to assist me with finding a XXXL jersey? I am not picky of year at all… thanks!

Hey @Jordiehoward! We have some XXL kit in stock. Shoot me a personal message and I can help sort out getting you a kit!!

Alas, it doesn’t seem like I can send a personal message to you directly for some reason… but here is the message I was trying to send… I would love to purchase some kit if at all possible. I can also be reached at jordiehoward@gmail.com … Thanks!