Mac Campus - 9am - March 25

Easy ride. Beginner/intermediate pace (?) I’m not sure what pace I qualify as but I did this ride on Monday and it was just about 3 hours. I wouldn’t want to/be able to go faster than that.

Meet at Roddick gates at 8am.

since is the weekend and the weather looks crapy i was wondering if u would like to do the ride a little bit latter just so is warmer?

I might be there. I’ll confirm on Saturday evening. But yes I need to go superrr slow

Dress warm!

haha yes. Sunday does not look like short and t-shirt weather

Count me out for sunday. bad weather and an iffy knee. Hopefully we can ride in the next few weeks!

I would rather get it over with in the morning, but at the moment I’m free all day.

Also - my tires are a little low on pressure and I only have a hand pump… anyone have a floor pump I could drop by to use before Sunday? PM me if you do!

i been really looking forward for this beginners ride, i just move here from mexico and it is too cold for me, i have no winter clothes and at this time of the year the shops only have crapy leftovers winter clothes, if it changes changes ill be there, thanks,
if u cant find a pump any gas station will put at least 90 psi, is not ideal but it makes for a smooth ride, your hand pump will do 110 psi but with the amount of energy and time spend doing it u prob wont want to go for a bike ride

I might come. Hannah, you’re welcome to use my floor pump. I’ll send you a PM.

any chances of starting at 9 or 10 ?
anyways i will be there

Sure - 9 o’clock sounds fine to me!

see u there

not coming anymore with this rain :frowning: