Magog Triathlon/Weekend Cycling Trip

Hi there!

Mary and I are planning on doing the Magog olympic triathlon on Saturday July 15th and then staying on Sunday for a long ride in the lovely Eastern Townships’ countryside. We thought it could be fun to turn it into a little weekend trip with the club. I know we have a few triathletes here, but even if you’re not interested in doing a triathlon, you could still come and ride Saturday with the people that are not racing and then we would ride all together on Sunday!

Check out the race website for various triathlon/duathlon distances and even relais!
Please vote in the poll below so that we can gauge interest.

  • 100% - I’m coming!
  • 50% - Interested, will confirm soon.
  • 25% - There’s a chance…
  • 0% - Nope.

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Preliminary weekend planning:

  • Friday: Departure from Montreal after work (around 18h).
  • Saturday: Racers race and non-racers go out for a ride (or cheer us on lol).
  • Sunday: We all go out for a long ride and head back to Montreal in the evening.

The next price hike is on June 4th so you still have plenty of time to sign up, but the sooner the better because accommodations would be arranged depending on how many people are interested. Let me know if you have any questions🙃

Already doing a group event at the Magog Triathlon, but I’m excited to see a few people from the club there!


Sunday mountain biking :eyes: