McGill sports medicine clinic

Hey. So my shoulder and neck still kinda heart after the crash last month, so I was wondering if we get some sort of deal with the health clinic in the gym as part of the cycling team? I know we dont really get much from mcgill, but maybe this one thing they are willing to help us with?

Im sure physio won’t be too expensive anyway, but it would be nice to get some help from them…


I have gone to the sports med clinic multiple times for 2 seperate injuries, and both times they have done an AMAZING job. I have only good things to say about them. As for McGill Athletics helping us out, the short answer is no, because we are a tier 3 team we don’t get any help. However, I would strongly encourage you to send an email to Lisen Moore at athletics and ask this question, or hassle her about not giving us any help.

will do, thanks ben…do u know by any chance if the mcgill health insurance covers physio at the mcgill gym? in case she answers saying that mcgill athletics won’t help us?..

thanks again!

my american insurance covered it. I’m not sure what your insurance situation is coming from peru, you’ll have to investigate that yourself, sorry.

if you have the “my plan” insurance from the PGSS (post grads) or as an undergrad (SSMU). (i believe its sunlife insurance). you can claim 20$ for every visit for a total of 400$ per year. The initial visit (more of a Q&A) costs 56$ and every subsequent visit or followup is 41$.

So its not bad to begin with, and if you are still covered my your parents the remaining sum can also be claimed through their plan.