MCT South Carolina Official Sign Up!!!

(Max Shapiro) #1

Hey Everyone!


The link to the questionnaire can be found here.

Every reading week, McGill cycling travels south to enjoy a week of riding under the sunny skies of South Carolina. The riding in South Carolina is amazing and the trip is tons of fun, just ask anyone who has been!

Here is the general outline for the trip this year:

  • We will leave Montreal on the evening of Friday, March 1st and drive through the night until we reach South Carolina sometime during the next day (Saturday).
  • We will stay all week together at a beautiful lake house and share meals.
  • There will be 6 full days of riding and two half days on the days of our arrival and departure.
  • We will return to Montreal on Sunday, March 10th.

Some other general points:

  • ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME. Everyday we have a beginner ride (40 km-100 km), intermediate ride (80 km-140 km) and an advanced ride (120 km+) all leave from the house. There’s something for everyone!
  • The cost of the trip should be similar to last year being around $350 (subject to change). This includes travel, accommodation and in-house food for the week. Additionally, the trip fee is discounted for anyone who can supply a car for the trip.
  • If we have more interest than space available in the house (unlikely), the priority is given in the order of McGill Students, McGill Alumni then Community members.
  • There will be an optional granola bar/coffee exchange. This is always a ton of fun each year. More information on this in the Google sheets linked below!

IMPORTANT! Everyone who comes to South Carolina must be a TEAM MEMBER.

The South Carolina trip is McGill cycling’s biggest and most anticipated event of the year. It’s a fantastic opportunity to enjoy some warm weather riding during winter as well as a great way to sharpen up before racing season gets underway. We hope as many people as possible can make it this year!

Please fill out the below poll in terms of whether or not you will be joining us, as well as whether or not you are able to drive (a rental car) or a car that you own.

INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT: This is an official sign up post. If you mark down that you are coming, we expect you to come on the trip. This is due to the fact that cancellations significantly affect the logistics and cost of this trip for everyone on the trip.

**DEADLINE: Please confirm whether or not you will be coming by Wednesday, January 16th.

Looking forward to joining all of you for an awesome week together in South Carolina!!!

The MCT Exec Team

  • Coming!
  • Coming and Can Drive!
  • Coming, Can Drive, and Have a Car!

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(Max Shapiro) #2

(Dylan Dalgas) #3

Fired up!!! Can we consider 'send’ing an absolute EPIC on the penultimate day!? 300km+++!!!

Meanwhile in SC… “free range parenting”. Seems like most folks around Salem have already adopted this concept with their dogs…

(Matthew Posner ) #4

Submitted the time-off request at work, will keep you posted!

(Jordan Miller42) #5

y’all need to get your drivers licenses, if this ratio keeps up someone’s gonna be doing 18h straight

(Adithya Lakshminarayanan) #6

@maryhnatyshyn, @FelixF, @shapiromax, @Matt_Pos, @beckyb, @blancha, @cameron_mitchell, @Khaled, @kpinks, @oliver_wockner, @McMarmette, @ewilson, @Monica, @annemichellew, @Jose_Antonio_Jijon, @sarabraj_singh, @sterlingshaner, SIGN UP!!! :slight_smile:

(Sarabraj Singh) #7

is anyone up for a shorter trip? i dont mind paying the full price to support the team but i have a midterm on the 7th of March and would need to be back in Montreal for that. I can also rent a car using my corporate discount - (5 days for 230$ with LDW) if anyone is down to split that cost (for those who might be interested in coming back earlier)

(Nicolas Kleban) #8

Today’s the last day to sign up!!! Remember to fill out the quick questionnaire linked at the top of this post if you’re coming!

(Cameron Mitchell) #9

BOOOM - @Nickkleb let’s take some segments from Vande Velde and Hincapie

(Felix Oestereich) #10

@cameron_mitchell Congratulations! You’re the first one with a car! Will you be driving from Toronto the Friday we leave? You could for sure stay at mi casa if you want to get here on Thursday.

(Nicolas Kleban) #11


(Matthew Posner ) #12

Yes, it’s happening! Will try and get the forms filled out this evening with @beckyb

(Cameron Mitchell) #14

Thanks Felix - the plan is to leave on the Friday up to Montreal - may change depending on weather. I’ll be driving the soccer mom van.

(Dylan Dalgas) #15

Early stages of dev’t :smiling_imp:

(Adithya Lakshminarayanan) #16

After this ride, I think I would be loose even before I hit the goose…

(Dylan Dalgas) #17

loose in some ways, tight in others…

(Dylan Dalgas) #18

This added section should prove to be fun!!! Notably, the Toxaway Mtn climb via Tower Rd (1490 ft in just under 5km/avg grade of 9.1%!). Also, some of the Gap names within include Burnt Cabin Gap, Boneyard Gap and DEAD HEIFER Gap!!!


Potentially gravel/poor surface as the road climbs! with little information to be found online. Below is the picture where google on street imaging ends on the climb…


As well as where the road finishes at the bottom of the Trays Island Rd descent. It comes out at a private golf course, so that bodes well for paved roads if it’s the rich folks up in the hills, and not the gravel/pothole loving hillbillies that the Gap names might suggest.

(Felix Oestereich) #19

that looks pretty sweet!

(Max Shapiro) #20

(Dylan Dalgas) #21

Just looking to see who’s interested in venturing the aftermentioned EPIC… waking up before sunrise, potentially leaving before sunrise, little to no room for booling and/or f’n around on this one! proper nutrition, efficient rest breaks, strong and committed spirit :slight_smile:

  • Let’s empty the tank (Yes!)
  • This must be a prank (No)

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