Mechanic Workshop and Unofficial Season's end party

Hey everyone

We will be holding a mechanic’s workshop (with instruction by certified Mechanic Justin Morse) Thursday, November 8th at 6:30pm. This will also be the team’s unnofficial year end party (our official one takes place at Benelux). The workshop will cost $10 for team members, and $15 for non-team members (if you want access to raffle prizes). This money will go towards the team, and will all come back to benefit you later on. You do NOT need to bring your bike. NO BIKES NEEDED! (we will have a demonstration bike)

As an incentive to come, Justin has some prizes that will be raffled off. There are three Sigma Bike Computers (approximately $40 value each) up for grabs, as well as a bunch (10 or so) of bottles of bike lube (approx. $8 value each).

After the workshop, we will all head down to the Irish Embassy (because wasnt that fun the last time?) for a good time and maybe some Irish Carbombs (no Alex, you can not bring your Molotov cocktail).

So details

What: McGill Cycling Team Mechanic Workshop and unofficial year end party
Cost: $10 for team members, $15 for non-team members (party at Irish Embassy is free entry)
When: Thursday, November 8th - 6:30 (then Irish Embassy from about 9:30 onwards)
Where: Tom and Mike’s place (1537 Ave Summerhill, googla map dat shiz)
Why: because we love bikes and carbombs

You are more than welcome to BYOB for the workshop, because you MUST have a beer going if you’re working on bikes… You will NOT be allowed to touch a bike if you dont have a beer (ok, maybe we’ll still let you touch the bikes).

Send me an email ( ) if you have any questions.


but if theres a riot and we don’t have fire, everyone is going to be upset. Think of the team mike.

well I DO like fire…

Oh I see how it is…I leave town and not even 24hrs later the non-stop parties begin. Well, I hope you all have a wonderful time. Hrmph.

chem midterm till 9pm…

but you can bet i’ll be ready for some carbombs after!!

I’m really gonna have to remember signing up for all this stuff. :slight_smile:


there has gots to be more than just 11 people who want/need to know stuff about bikes… if you dont attend this workshop for anything less than a stellar reason, you will have to ride on a broken bike… :lol:

i would looooooooooooooooooooooooooove to
but im working 4 till 1am
so definitely aint happening sighs

Excellent, so we have a section of the pub reserved for us. I am trying to get a drink special negotiated, but we’ll see.

If things change, please update your registration, so I can give the pub the most accurate numbers of how many people are coming.

Thanks guys, it should be fun.

Again, the workshop is going to start at 6:30 sharp, so please try and arrive a little bit before (6:15’ish) so that we can get it finished by 8:30 and so that we can arrive at the pub by 9pm.


do you guys need an untrue wheel to demonstrate on, courtesy of my latest spill?

i was also wondering if my frame could get a diagnostic. It took a hit to some of the paint/varnish. I put some transparent nail polish on it, but if the carbon is damaged, i guess that’s the end of my cycling career…

Nic, if you want, bring your bike by tomorrow afternoon sometime. Otherwise, bring it Thursday and I can do a visual inspection of it. From what i’ve heard of the damage, i am not too optimisitic buddy.

Ill check it out though. I can also look into getting you a crash replacement (which will still be kind of pricey, depending on what you go with).

And we wont have a truing stand to do the wheel unfortunately.


Calfee does CF frame repair for pretty cheap, if all else fails:

Do you think there’ll be a decent set of cone wrenches in attendance at the mechanics thing?

do NOT get a carbon bike repaired… especially in a weight bearing area (such as the seat stay).

This is coming from riders, company reps, carbon manufacturers and mechanics alike… A frame is NEVER as strong (even remotely close) after a failure and a repair.

If there is a failure/fracture, it almost under every circumstance, will cause micro-fractures throughout a MUCH larger part of the frame. IN fact, I had seen a report done (by Giant) that showed a crack on a chain stay had created microfractures all the way up the downtube almost to the headtube.

These microfractures then become stressed when weight is put upon them, which will ultimately lead to a catastrophic failure of the frame (such as it virtually disintegrating underneath you in worst case scenarios).

Companies all say that as soon as a crack is seen in a carbon frame that it is immediately stopped from being ridden on. There have been huge liabilitiy suits that went against some companies when carbon was first coming out.

AS sweet as Carbon is, its the least safe material to ride on once it’s been comprimised.

:cry: i have been forsaken by my black beauty.

Probably the crash replacement will cost me more than what i paid for the whole bike…

I thought it was ok your frame? on closer inspection it’s completely screwed?

By the way, I have a truing stand I can bring if necessary…

While I certainly wouldn’t trust company reps on frame repair (they’re the ones who get paid if the frame’s replaced, after all,) and though I’ve heard rave reviews about Calfee’s repair jobs (the man’s a genius, was working with carbon frames when I was busy being born, and stands behind his repairs of other companies’ bikes just as he does behind his own,) I’ll be the first to echo Mike A.'s warning about crashed carbon frames. When carbon fails, it tends to do so catastrophically.

I haven’t seen the bike in its unfortunate state, and I’m no expert on carbon bikes, but if the damage is minor, I would absolutely consider frame repair, or at least give Calfee a call. Especially when it’s a question of, I don’t know, $1500 or something. The process is very thorough, and basically rebuilds the damaged area of the frame from the fracture or scratch outwards. Apparently, they remold and refinish the entire fracture with new carbon. Big words and fancy machinery are involved. The frame ends up a few grams heavier (and stiffer in the repair area,) than before, since the process adds material to the crack.

All that’s assuming that replacement’s out of the question, I guess. If Giant decides to cut you a deal, go for it. Best of luck to your carbon fiber-y steed.

yeah, kudos to calfee, their dragonfly is the most beautiful bike i’ve ever seen; it’s on my list!

there’s a guy at the bike shop (le grand cycle) who said he could put a carbon piece over the cracked piece (provided it is cracked). i dunno if i should trust such a “solution maison”. i guess i’ll bring it thursday so you can all have a look at it, hopefully it’s not so bad.

Please dont attempt to repair carbon… you’re asking for trouble… especially if they just ‘patch it up’ with a piece of carbon… that does NOTHING what so ever to improve the structural integrity thats been jeopardized due to the crack.

I’m down for the work shop only… Too much work to do for next week…stupid deadlines…