Membership payment for members

Hello everyone !!

Hope you had an awesome summer, and had the chance to ride a lot !! We’re all exited for the beginning of the new semester and for the beautiful fall rides !!

Let me just remind you about the membership payment for this year, all new/old members should make their payment.

The club membership is 40$ and the team is 100$ before October 1. On and after October 1, a late fee of $20 dollars must be added to the membership payment.

For the new members reading this, we will have more information coming up in the next few days, don’t worry. The reason we give members till the 1st of October to pay is to allow for a trial period, during which new members can join rides and determine if the club is a fit for them.

You can do the payment via interact to or by cash by contacting any of our exec members !

Thanks ! And have a great beginning of the semester.

I’d like to pay cash but do not know how to get in contact with anyone. Who do I email?



Hi Anne-Michelle,

You can email . One of the team executives would reply to you fairly quickly.

Alternatively, I’d be more than happy to meet you in person on campus. Feel free to reach out to me via forum message as well.

Reminder to everyone to pay their membership fees!

What is the difference between club and team membership?

The club membership is for access to all of the rides we do; the team membership allows you to join all the events such as races and training camps which are subsidized for team members.

Hey guys! I was wondering if after paying the membership/team fee one gets a card or something so as to benefit from the team’s sponsorships? Thx!

Nope there’s no card but it shouldn’t be a problem for the sponsorships

Awesome. Then I’ll post in the forum the info for the new sponsor :wink: