Monocog 29r, handlebars, stems, &c

hey all,

spring cleaning of bike parts again!

handlebars -
Nitto ‘Mustache’ bars - love 'em or hate 'em. they’re actually very comfortable.
Salsa Moto Ace (I think) XC riser - originally this bar was very, very wide, in keeping with MTB fashion. I cut it down a little and now it is still very wide. oversized diameter, so it is stiff, with about an inch and a half of rise and a nice bar ‘sweep’ which puts the hands in a more comfortable position.

my Redline Monocog (Flight) 9r:
I’m selling my Redline to build up another frame. it has served as a city bike for a while and so is set up in a pretty strange configuration given the frame’s purpose. the pictures attached were from its ATB days. the frame uses sliding dropouts for chain tension if you’re riding single speed, which is neat, and I have the replacement hanger that allows use of a rear derailleur. It has a King headset on it now. I built a really nice set of wheels for the bike (WTB LaserDisc, Hope rear hub, Shimano XT front) and those would be for grabs too, but it definitely wouldn’t be a complete bike. the Race Face crank in the picture crapped out on me (the crank I have now is not for sale) but I still have the pictured Race Face seatpost (I think) a pair of Avid BB-7 brakes to go with the bike too.

apart from the bike these things and some other stuff (including a black Brooks saddle that might be for sale) are back at home. I’ll be going and driving my car back up in the middle of April - I’ll update this post with more details or any other things I have for sale. let me know if any of these things interest you, and I’ll bring them up with me. -Mike

as for price -

the two handlebars go for $20 each.

I’d part with the frame alone for $250 (King headset negotiable) and the wheels for $200 for the set. of course, if you wanted the frame and the wheels (or other stuff) we could work somethin’ out. -Mike

what size?

good question
it’s a 19 inch frame; the standover height is amply low. the frame dimensions for the 2009 model - - are the same as on mine which is a 2008.

it is a pretty huge feeling bike when it has big tires on it, and you can kind of sag back in the saddle over pretty rough stuff. the steering is meant to compensate for the tires, and how you’ll like it really depends on what kind of rider you are. it’s way fun in the city but probably has better applications offroad - the fast front end is good for putting the bike over stuff on the trail, since the only suspension are the tires. if you’re a good technical rider, or know that you are lacking in that department, it is a really fun bike to ride.

With all due respect, I have seen this bike in the flesh, and it is decidedly too big for you, drew.

Very cool bike though.

i knew you’d get back to the thread before me,


I sent you a message

The bike is now on eBay:
Naturally, there would be no shipping charge for a Montreal resident.