Montreal to Ottawa Ride

Hi guys, anyone interested in a ride to Ottawa before the semester begins? And any advice would be most welcomed as well.

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Hey I’ve done the ride several times it’s great! Let me know what kind of questions you have I’d love to help you out

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Thank you Bryce! I should say I’m pretty much a beginner in cycling. Only done long distance once before (around 130 km, 400m net elevation). The purpose of this ride is to embrace challenges and hopefully make some friends. My primary concerns are the items I need to bring and the route to choose. FYI my bike is a city hybrid and I usually prefer travel light.

The route is over 200km so I’d definitely try to do a couple more rides in preparation, unless you have a backup plan somewhere along the way. The roads are quite remote and I don’t believe they’re lit, so make sure you have really good lights and proper reflective clothing. consume lots of food and water as you’ll be on your bike for around 8h. Have spare tubes and air. If you’d like me to send a gpx file I can but it’s essentially following the River on the north side the whole way