Mountain Biking?

Hey there, I’m Liam and I’m new to Montreal this fall. Luckily, I brought my Kona Big Honzo from Maine! I’d love to do some mountain biking in and around Montreal, love it even more if some riders wanted to come with me/show me around. I can tag with anyone, from chill flowy trails all the way to some slick rock rolls. If you’re reading this and you mountain bike, please reach out! (I also plan on joining some road rides once I situate a bike for that)

Hello Liam,

There is some great trails in Montreal behind UdeM campus. Have you ridden there? I recommend. Hope you can come out on a few of our rides this fall!


Sweet, thank you! I think I found what you’re talking about on a run the other day. I’m excited to get riding, I’ll try to join the group either tomorrow or Saturday.

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What’s this? @liamscanlon - a fellow Mainer??? <3 will happily roll around some trails and discuss Moxie, lobster, etc…

Hey bro, I’m also new to Montreal, McGill first year. And I also brought my mountain bike with me. Let’s link up and go for some rides !

So far, I’ve only done Mountain Biking (I’ve never road biked), so I’m totally done.