MTB Sunday?

Is anyone interested in going to Val-David on Sunday to ride the trails up there?

I’ll probably leave Sunday morning around 8 to come back in the afternoon sometime.

Trailpeaks Details:

I’m interested but your trails is good but I want to go texas. more to know click here

Ah the Huffy Bicycle Company Granite, the veritable Rolls Royce of grammatically questionable, malware inducing online MTB suggestions.


Hey William i am interested, but i do not have a car, how are you gonna get there?

Hey Fardad, apologies about the delay. That post was from November but I’ll definitely be heading out that way again in the fall. To my knowledge Val-David is challenging to get to without at car (I think Autobus Galland technically stops there but its extremely infrequent) however the trails at Oka are easy to get to without a car if you take the AMT train to Deux-Montagnes and then ride the last 12km (which should be a pleasant warmup)

Sunday is perfect for mountain biking because you will get more company!

I just got so excited but it was in vain :frowning:

Sunday is great day for me. This Sunday i make a plan with my friends. I will buy electric scooters for climbing hills. What’s about guys?