New arrival to Montreal

(Matthew Seeley) #1

Hi all - I’ve recently arrived to McGill / Montreal (here for a year) and keen to find some regular rides / possibly racing. I guess most people are out of town at the moment due to University holidays but would be keen to get to know people / good routes.’

Thanks in advance!

(Alexis Blanchet-Cohen) #2

Hi Matthew,

Welcome to Montreal!
I think the regular activities start in September, although I’m not on the executive team so I’m not the best informed.
There are however many rides that take place before.

I’m thinking about going on a gentle (~30 km/h) ride to Mont St-Hilaire Saturday morning from Atwater market if you’d like to join. It’s about a 100 km round trip.
Another fun ride is to the Mardis cyclistes de Lachine. The men’s race starts around 7:00 every Tuesday. There are just 2 races left. I go on occasion, as do other members of the team, although no one on the team is racing this year. I’ll probably ride there next Tuesday.

The most popular riding spots in Montreal are the Formula 1 racing track on Jean Drapeau island, and the Mount-Royal. Adithya, our president, has posted a few more good Strava routes on the forum.

There are also group rides up the Mount-Royal organized by a local cycling cafe, although they are ridiculously early.


(Matthew Seeley) #3

Hi Alexis, thanks for getting in touch - I am visiting Mont-Tremblant this weekend so I will have to aim for a future one, I did also ride to the Lachine criterium last Tuesday (although I suspect not on the best route!). I saw the links that Adithya posted too.

(Zachary E Stone) #4

I am also new to McGill (on a 2 year postdoc) and looking for folks to ride with. Not sure I can do Saturday (Alexis) as our movers arrive Friday and we may still be unpacking. What time were you thinking?

Also, Matthew, are you gravel riding in Mont-Tremblant? I am headed there to ride next weekend and hoping to do a lot of gravel.

(Adithya Lakshminarayanan) #5

@Zach_Stone and @balancerider, welcome! The majority of our activities will commence as of the fall (September), but I will try post some rides on the forum before that.

Most of us around for the duration of the summer have been going to the Le Club coffee rides, that start at 6.30AM from the intersection of Boulevard Mont-Royal & Voie Camilien Houde. Look at my pinned post for more info on that! We usually get coffee after the ride, so it’d be a good way to get to know people on the team.

(Matthew Seeley) #6

I’ll try to get along to one of the rides in the morning next week, sounds like a good way to beat heat / traffic.

Zach - I’ve only got a road bike but there seem to be plenty of reasonable sealed road options

(Alexis Blanchet-Cohen) #7

I was thinking of leaving at 8:00 from Atwater market.
I’m flexible though, so I don’t mind leaving later or even earlier.

(Zachary E Stone) #8

Thanks! Seeing the movers unload I am skeptical of my ability to make it. If it looks promising by the afternoon I’ll message you. Looks like a great route.

(Matthew Seeley) #9

For anyone interested, I am going to do the Covey hill route leaving from Atwater market 7.30am Sunday.

(Alexis Blanchet-Cohen) #10

Great. I can meet you at the outdoor chairs and tables of the Première Moisson bakery.
I’ll wear my McGill gear so that you can recognize me easily.
I’m going out of town for the afternoon, but I should be back in time.
Otherwise, I’ll let you know.

(Matthew Seeley) #11

@blancha Great - see you there, I am on a green cannondale