New bike!? Norco Tactic

(Dylan Dalgas) #1

To anybody interested and knowledgeable!

Can you take a look at this offer and let me know if $1,200 is a good price? (listed at $1,400).

Was considering upgrading the groupset on the R3 but this might be a better option. Any advice would be welcomed!


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(Rebecca Bellworthy) #2

I’d say that’s a pretty good deal, especially with the wheel upgrade, I’m not sure he’d accept $1200. There’s no info about how old it is, but it looks in pretty good condition. I would negotiate for new chain AND cassette as there’s not much point only replacing the chain. Also maybe check how old the cabling is as it might need redoing.

Assuming 58cm is your size (with longish cranks too)? Didn’t realize you were that tall!

All that aside, I’m a sucker for lime green so maybe I’m biased (you can definitely get some brighter bar tape on that), and I don’t know much about the Norco frames but I’m assuming it’s the mid-mod version of the Tactic?

So in short, good deal I’d say assuming condition on close inspection is good and cabling is well maintained.