New member

Hi all,

I am coming to McGill in a week or so to start in September on a MRes course. I’ve been looking at the site and I’m definitely forward to getting involved (I was president at my uni club during undergrad).

I mainly cycle road but used to compete a lot on the track. I was very ill recently so not quite as fit as I have been but I’d like to try and get back to being race fit.

I will be bringing a road bike with me from England. I am perhaps considering bringing my TT bike too- is there much time trialling there? I’m not sure it’ll be worth it, does anyone have any advice? I am almost certainly leaving the track bike behind/ trying to sell it unless anyone knows of any track cycling out there!

When will be the best/ first opportunity to get in touch and get involved?


Hi Rebecca,
welcome! Most of us ride only road but there are some fixed gear races. There is almost no real track racing here unfortunately. As for time trialing, there are a few but the scene is certainly not as big as in England.

We will start having events and meetings at the beginning of September. However, we have organized rides every week and you can join us as soon as you get here.


Hi Felix,

Thanks for getting back to me and letting me know a bit about local riding- I will just bring my road bike in that case.

I am hoping to be there in about a week once my visa comes through so I’ll keep an eye out here for any rides.