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(Giulio) #1

Hi everyone, I just arrived this semester at McGill and I want to join the Cycling Club. I still have to buy a bike and I would like some advise to make the right choice. What bike should I buy, mountain or racing? I want to buy a good bike, but is there any level requested (my budget is limited to 1000 and 1500$)? And what about the training and bike rides? are there regular bike rides to which everyone participates? How does it work? Finally do you advise me to speak with someone in particular to answer all my questions vis a vis?
I see that you have spinning class, would it be helpful if I went to one of those to have a chat with someone?

Thanks a lot for help, hope to join as soon as possible.


(Adithya Lakshminarayanan) #2

Hey there! I would say that you should buy a road bike if you plan on riding with us, as the majority of our riders are road cyclists. I definitely think that you can get a good used bike for the budget you’ve indicated, and I recommend looking at the facebook group entitled ‘Indépendant CC le bazar’ as a starting place for your search.

If you see anything in particular that interests you, feel free to include the post in the comment section below, and a few of us can help determine whether it is a good deal.

We have training rides in the fall, and spinning in the winter. We also organise and post long rides during the summer and fall. During the spring, we race at a couple of collegiate road and criteriums, as well as a few provincial races.

I’d be glad to meet with you to answer more of your questions if you would like. You should also prioritise buying a bike, and subsequently joining us on the rides we post here!

(Giulio) #3

Got it, I will buy the bike first. For sure I would like to meet because I really want to understand clearly how does it works. When would it be a right time?